Wellington 2 Waterloo 2013


Sometimes the fundraising aspect of charity rides is as daunting as the training. So we’ve tried to make it easier for you to encourage your friends and family to donate, by giving them multiple ways to sponsor you. Online, offline, mobile – now they really have no excuse!


The world’s favourite charity fundraising site. It’s very easy to set up your personal or team donation page and the site has many additional features. You can add the W2W logo to your page, add photos, give your personal reasons for supporting The Colonel’s Fund, track donations in real-time, and even set up automated thank you emails.

Click here to see the step-by-step instructions on how to start – or email us here, and we’ll set up a simple page for you.


The time-honoured way of sponsoring – just ask for your sponsors’ cheques to be made out to ‘The Colonel’s Fund’, or post us the cash – address below – with your ride registration details, and we’ll safely bank the donations in your name


If you’ve reached a plateau with your donations, why not host a small fundraising event, where people have the chance to buy or win something in return for their donation? We’ve got an A-Z of event ideas to kickstart you, click here.