Wellington 2 Waterloo 2013
The Route

Our route from Wellington to Waterloo holds both challenge and beauty for our riders, but is rewarding for beginners and experts alike.

There are four maps; these maps show the detailed routes for all three days of riding.


A detailed view of the terrain is marked on the map when you click through to it. There are a few hills on day one in the UK, but from Dunkirk through to Waterloo, you’ll experience a very flat and beautiful ride past rural French and Belgian towns, rivers and churches.


The ride is broken into 3 stages:

Stage 1: 24th September. From Wellington Barracks to Folkestone. The riders will stay overnight in Folkestone. Stage distance: 82 miles.


19.66 miles - Refreshment Point 1, Premier Inn, Swanley
27 miles – Category 4 climb
42 miles - Refreshment Point 2 – Maidstone – Regimental Band
42.75 miles – Category 5 climb
64 miles - Refreshment Point 3 – King’s Head Pub, Shadoxhurst
81 miles – Category 5 climb
82 miles – Arrive Folkestone
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Stage 2: 25th September. Two parts: Folkestone to Dover and then Calais to Ypres including a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais where the Band will play on board the Ferry. Riders will stay overnight in Ypres. Stage Distance: 70 miles (UK - 11 miles; Continent – 59 miles)

Folkestone-Dover highlights:

4 miles – Category 5 climb
11 miles – Arrive Dover Ferry Port
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Calais-Ypres highlights:


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Stage 3: 26th September. Ypres to Waterloo. The longest day of riding but the flattest terrain. The route takes us through Oudenaarde and on to finish in Waterloo.

Ypres to Waterloo Highlights:



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If you have any questions about the route please email us at rhqgrengds@gmail.com